Expanding inside pipe repair clamps

Internal Pipe Repair Clamps

Leaking pipe joint repair from inside the pipe.

WA-internal pipe repair clamps are a very low profile leak repair expansion seals for large pipes. The clamps do not affect optimum water flow through the pipe. Safe working pressure up to 240 psi / 16 bar may be applied.

WA internal expansion clamp pipe seals are used in water distribution subsystems, storm water and sewer pipe repair.


The expanding clamps are full width passivated 316L stainless steal pressure plates and rubberized seals.

Special tools are not required. The clamp can be used on various material pipes.

WA-units are used 20 inch and larger pipes. The seal units are standard 200 mm long.

The gasket's special profile makes a complete seal across the leak.



Seal force distribution across the entire width is achieved, as opposed to band expansion straps that leave pressure pockets between the expansion bands.

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