Grip couplings

Pipe Grip Couplings, Flange Adaptors, Reducing Couplings

Large Pipe Applications

pipe-couplings-pull-out-locksLarge pipe couplings and flange adaptors; locking type pull out resisting to fit pipe sizing DN 350mm to DN 1400mm.

Applications for pipe types; Steel, Ductile Iron, Cast Iron, and PVC Pipes.



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Flange Adaptor Lock model

Flange Coupling Lock Model


Pipe Couplings for PVC Pipes

Up to 300mm (12 " pipe)











Pull-out resistance “ Grip” pipe coupling and flange adaptors or PE and PVC pipes.

The coupling consists of a sleeve that is placed between two end-rings where the grip rings, the press rings and gaskets are positioned.

The end-rings are compressed when the bolts are tightened. The rubber gasket, pressed by the press ring and grip ring, completely fills up the space between pipe and coupling.

The strong compression and high quality of the rubber gasket, combined with the pressure on the ring, guarantees a leak tight seal.

By tightening the bolts the press ring and the grip ring will press he gasket, until the press ring makes contact with the sleeve. From then on the brass grip ring starts to reduce its diameter, and the sharp profile of the grip ring starts to cut into the PE pipe.


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