Axial pipeline coupling

Pipe Couplings, Restraint Couplings, Split Repair Couplings

Stainless Material

Connect plastic pipes to steel pipes / Connect and restrain plain-end pipes

Install on Existing in service pipes - Split Models

Fit all American or International pipe sizes. PN10 and PN16 pressure class (10 bar - 16 bar) (150-230 psi)

WA Restraint Couplings:



Westatlantic grip pipe joint and repair solutions for steel pipe, cast iron pipe, ductile iron, HDPE and PVC Pipes. Seals: EDPM, NBR, or Viton.

Butt joining without grooving, flanges, welding, or threading.

Restraint design, with progressive anchoring, lock the pipes together under pressure. A universal, mechanical pipeline end connector and coupling system for all pipe material.



Stainless steel Couplings meet the highest inspection requirements, Lloyds, ABS, DNV GL and LRS.

Material: 316L Stainless for a corrosion and temperature resistant solution. Ideally suited to shipping industry. High quality stainless W5 exterior is standard.


  • Join pipes of the same or dissimilar materials.
  • Axially restrained and axially flexible.
  • Compensates axial movement and angular deflection.
  • Dampens water-hammer, vibration and structure-borne noise.
  • Detachable and re-usable.
  • Compensates axial offset and angles.
  • Leak-proof joint for liquids, gas and for solids.
  • Reduces pressure shocks.


EPDM & NBR (on request), VITON & SILICONE (on request)
TEMPERATURE 20 ˚C – 200 ˚C
MEDIUM: Water, Gas, Petroleum, Helium
PIPE MATERIAL: Steel, Cast Iron, PE, PVC



Restraint coupling design offers high levels of security by locking the pipes together under pressure. When the axial tensile load of the pipe is increasing by internal pressure or external influence, specially shaped balls push hardened teeth into the pipe surface.

Achieve improved anchoring on hard surfaces like thin-walled stainless steel or cast-iron pipes. Oblique angle of the teeth, maintains a grip on any surface like hot dip galvanized steel and other materials.



The gasket seal is patented and uses the latest techniques in sealing.

WA Stainless steel pipe couplings: Steel, Cast Iron, HDPE, or PVC Pipes.non-restrained-pipe-coupling-stainless

WA FLEX pipe couplings for up to 158" (4000mm) pipe diameter. High performance couplings allowing pipe angulation, expansion and contraction.

FLEX couplings provide security and ease of installation for water authorities, civil engineers and building contractors.

The stainless steel and high strength steel design, offer weight savings over cast iron couplings. Less manpower, quicker installation cost savings.

WA Split Repair couplings: repair or connection metal or plastic pipes.

Repairs may be carried out easily, quickly and safely while the pipeline remains in service.

Split couplings non-restraint units, to connect or repair Cast Iron, PE or PVC Pipe.

EDPM and NBR are standard elastomer materials, Viton and Silicone are available on request. PN 16, 10, 6 pressure ratings.

Split couplings are easily installed around a leaking pipe to seal a fracture.


Split repair couplings are suitable for emergency repairs in buildings and industrial units to avoid costly reinstatement work caused by water damage.

Split repair couplings reduce the installation time, they are light-weight made of stainless steel material.

Split repair couplings accept slight profile differentials such as copper pipe couplings when soldered pipe joints leak.

Lloyds, ABS, DNV GL, LRS inspection ratings.


WA Pipe Couplings connecting: Plastic to Plastic Pipes - Plastic to Steel Pipes











  • Suitable for any pipe material
  • Compatible with any traditional jointing system
  • Joins pipes of the same or dissimilar materials
  • Leak-proof joint for liquids, gas and for solids
  • Quick and simple repairs of damaged pipes without service interruptions
  • Installation and sealing principle consistent throughout the range
  • Axially restrained or axially flexible available


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Coupling Adaptability


Angular deflection: cover angular deflection of pipes up to 2° (4°) in any direction.



couling-for-misalign-pipeMisalignment of pipe axis: Allowing misalignment of pipe axis, to a maximum of 2°.




Retrofitted of Pipeline: The large scale of clearance and tolerance make them an ideal construction device for retrofitting of pipe sections and fittings during repair work or change of pipeline direction.


pipe-coupling-t-jointT Fittings: Fitting (T), may rotate to any position and direction to accommodate application.


Valve Fittings:
Valve with plain ends, rotatable to any position.



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